Pictures that were fine are now gone days later

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    Hi there! I hope someone can help me with this. Lately I’ve been uploading pics and some of my readers can see them, others can’t…this post was really troublesome and then finally everyone could see it. today I happened to go there and pics are missing again!

    I’ve seen the fourms saying upload to another site like photo bucket, resize, change resolution etc and have done it all. This is happening on every post now and taking the joy out of blogging! Anyone have a real answer? I’ve been using WordPress since ’06 and this is the first time I’ve had all this drama. It’s been about a month of it happening.

    Thanks for your input!

    The blog I need help with is



    Please, PLEASE tell me you haven’t been deleting images from your Media Library? Because deleting images means they’re not there anymore, plain and simple. You’ll have to rename the files on your computer and re-upload them.


    Hi Rain,
    Thanks for your note: No, i haven’t deleted a thing! I don’t know anything about the Media Library!



    I’ve taken a look and cant’ seem to find anything wrong with the links to the images, but the images themselves aren’t there. Have you by chance uploaded those particular images more than once? If you have, has an issue with two images with the same name…you need to rename the file itself on your computer and then upload the renamed one.

    Hope that helps.


    Looking at your source code, the links to the images are “relative” links – and wrong even for relative links – instead of absolute. That is the problem. Example:

    This is the URL to image 7163 in your source code: ../files/2009/10/7163.jpg

    This is what it should be:



    Ah, thanks, so is this the same permalink problem we had a couple of weeks ago?

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