pictures uploaded but not appearing on posts!!

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    Hi guys,

    I uploaded pictures on my two latest posts, but for some reason they dont show up on the posts. I tried re uploading, & reducing the size. None of this worked though! Pls help..

    The blog I need help with is



    Please be sure that your images can be found in the Media Library and post the relevant URLs here.


    Thanks but it didn’t work! Is there anything else I can do?



    I don’t know what you mean by didn’t work. Are the images you uploaded found in your Media Library? Yes or no? :)


    Yes, BUT they appear as a little box I can’t see the pic though! Can u pls explain in details maybe I missed something out..


    I think something may be wrong with the original images you uploaded.

    I looked at the latest post in your blog, and I tried to view this image in Firefox:

    I saw an error that said, “The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.”

    I would suggest re-saving one of the original images (using a graphics program on your compter) and then re-uploading it to see if the same problem happens.


    Thanks designsimply. It worked :)



    Hi, I had the same problem with a picture I re-used from previous posts (i.e. it was not uploaded with the new post). It worked for one or two days and then it “disappeared”. Even in the “Edit Post” window, there was a blank frame where the once-used photo used to be…



    I’m having exactly the same problems (since I performed a CSS upgrade at the weekend – although that may be a red herring). The images are not appearing in posts or even as thumbnails in the media library for a very long time. Some of these are old images (years old – never a problem before) and some are new. I don’t think it is an issue with the theme or widgets (I removed all – no difference). Also if I enter the address of the image directly into the browser it doesn’t appear.

    However, if I just leave the page (or image) to load, the images will appear eventually (sometimes upto 5 minutes). As I’m talking about images as small as 2kb icons on an 8mb connection that is working fine on other sites, this is not a connection issue. I’ve done all of the cache-clearing, reboots, router-reboots you could ever try.

    I’ve even tried accessing the images on a different device. It appears to be a problem with the sub-directory. The rest of my blog loads fine (except for a javascript issue in IE6 – but hey that is ie6! Plus it wouldn’t affect direct accessing of the images in the browser).

    Example image:



    OK, my turn. For a day or two now I have noticed that the images on my site ( are loading at a glacial pace – I mean taking several minutes rather than seconds, and some possibly never (i.e. I give up looking after a while).

    See for example this — if you see what I see, then you can see the gaps in the post where two images are supposed to be.

    There are also a few small images in the sidebar which normally load instantly but are now loading equally slowly.

    I have never had this problem before in the 9 or 10 months I’ve had this blog.

    I have checked this via my desktop (iMac/Safari), my laptop (MacBook/Safari) and my iPhone — so I’m pretty sure it’s not at my end. I have tried restarting machines.

    I have not deleted anything form my media library.

    Any clues?



    Also – as czechdaily said, the images are taking too long to appear in the Edit Post window.

    And as f1punter said, the thumbnails in the media library do not appear.



    Hmmm… problem seems to have been resolved in the last half hour.



    Oops, spoke too soon. Back to ultra-slow images.



    It seems to be intermittent. Once the images are cached it obviously works fine. Clear your cache (and close browser to clear RAM cache) and 90% of the time it takes minutes for them to load. Only at certain times of the day to they appear instantly as they should.



    Seems OK today. :-D

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