Pictures wrongly displayed in slideshows : they appear very small

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    The slideshow doesn’t work after a few pictures. It shows pictures in a very small size.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    The slideshow has a fixed aspect ratio (height to width) so landscape image will fill most of the area, but portrait images will not. If the portrait image where allowed to show full width, then the slideshow would have to resize to fit the extra length, and that is disconcerting to viewers since the slideshow would be constantly resizing and refreshing every time it switched from a landscape image to a portrait and back to landscape.



    Thanks for this answer. But, ir’s not the problem. There is a bug in the slideshows. The slideshow resize image very very very small. If you want to see this bug go to one of may slideshows :


    I am having the same issue with my slide shows. The first couple of images in the slide show will display at the full, proper size, but the rest will display as tiny thumbnails in the center of the black slide show window. It is very strange. Sometimes every other image is a thumbnail. After a few minutes of jumping between sideshow pages, regular pages and the WordPress support site, the problem seems to correct itself. Weird, huh?

    I’m running Windows 7 with IE9. The slide shows displayed properly on a friend’s computer running Mozilla Firefox.

    I visited pascaldelyon’s site and had the same problem with his slide shows. The first few images were the full, correct size; the rest displayed as tiny thumbnails. But this is interesting, when I clicked the browser’s back button and left the slide show, then immediately returned to the slide show page, all the images displayed properly at the full size.

    Could the problem be somewhere in IE9? My slide shows were fine until the most recent Windows auto-update a couple of days ago. I do not experience the problem with the slide show at the bottom of the WordPress sideshow support page.

    My site is
    One of pascaldelyon’s slide shows is at
    The site is in French so I had to do a little navigating – but the photos were great. (parlez-vous français?)
    I hope this information helps the discussion. Best to all and many thanks to the WordPress folks.


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    This question has come up in the past few days at least once or twice. Sorry not to find the questions, but Staff:
    is this a bug?

    I’ll modlook this thread…



    Do you see any improvement if you upload the problem image again?


    macmanx… Hello! You helped me on an issue with IE9 not too long ago. You amazingly and correctly diagnosed that my IE9 was not displaying my slideshows (at all) because it was running in compatibility mode.

    I noticed that other users seem to be having the same issue – possibly because in IE9, the compatibility mode button sits right next to the refresh button in the top toolbar. One could accidentally click on the compatibility mode and never even know it. Also, the compatibility mode button only appears in the toolbar on some websites, not all websites. At least with my version of IE9. Sorry, a bit off-subject, but wanted to mention that.

    Back on subject.. I haven’t tried re-uploading the problem image, because it happens to all the images. That would be a lot of images to re-upload, especially for pascaldelyon who must have hundreds of images on his site. Also, the issue is somewhat random. For example, in a 15 image slide show, images 1, 2, 3 and 4 display properly at full size. Then image 5 displays as a thumbnail, image 6 goes back to full size, image 7 is a thumbnail, image 8 is full size and images 9-15 are thumbnails. If I click on another page in the blog (a non-slide show page) then click back to the slide show, all the images display correctly at full size. If I go from one slide show page directly to another slide show page, I get the random thumbnail effect again, only this time images 1, 2, and 3 display properly at full size and the rest are thumbnails. It is almost as if IE9 is not grabbing, processing or rendering the image quickly enough so it substitutes a thumbnail instead. (I don’t know the correct technical terms)

    This is not a huge problem or issue for me – I can easily include a caveat for IE9 users to click off-page and back if they encounter thumbnails. But it has piqued my interest and it would certainly help our French friend, and possibly others, if a solution could be found.

    A couple other observations: The issue started for me a couple days ago. I was away and offline for about a week prior. Windows 7 did an automatic upgrade when I returned; but to what I am clueless. Also, the thumbnail problem never happens when I view the slide show sample at the bottom of the WP slide show support page. That slide show only has 4 images. Is the number of images a possible factor? Or the image file size / resolution?

    This is interesting. I just checked my Temporary Internet Folder. It was filled with what looked like every part of my wordpress site and pascaldelyon’s site. There were hundreds of files including gif and jpeg files of images. It’s as if IE9 had downloaded everything necessary to display the sites locally. Maybe that’s why IE9 was displaying a thumbnail for some images – it hadn’t downloaded the “larger” version of the image yet. So I clicked off of my slide show page, then clicked back on the slide show and checked the Temp Internet Folder. Sure enough, additional images had been loaded into the folder that now allowed the slide show to display properly. Next question… why did IE9 download all those wordpress files? It has never done that before. Usually when I end a browsing session there are a few cookies and favicons in the temp folder, but not everything necessary to display an entire web page. So I did a test.

    I cleared the Temp Internet Folder and went to several websites including a blogspot photo page. (Please don’t kick me out for using the word “blogspot”. It was for reference only.) Then I went to the wordpress homepage. Then I checked the temp internet folder. Holy cow! There were a couple of cookies from the other websites and about a hundred files from the wordpress homepage. For some unknown reason my version of IE9 apparently wants to download everything from the wordpress site. I took a screen shot of the Temp Internet Folder and attached it as a pdf in case that helps. Plan B: I wasn’t sure how to attach or upload the pdf here, so I placed it in the “Journal” Page on my site with a note to WP Support. Here is the link:

    I hope this all makes sense and sorry to run on like that.
    Thank you.
    My website:
    The French gentleman’s site:



    When you ask for help, it helps us if you give us a direct link to a page or post where you are having the problem.

    I looked at this slideshow and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I viewed with both IE9 (on Win7 post massive update) and Chrome 21. If you are having the problem with a different slideshow, then please post the direct link, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

    As tsp mentioned above, portrait images do not get a lot of slideshow love because of the fixed aspect ratio which favors landscape images. I’m not sure what you or the OP mean when you say that the slideshow is displaying very small images.

    If you are uploading the slideshow images at full size, right out the camera, then you are wasting your storage space because, as you can see, the images are resized to fit into your theme/slideshow.



    M’y direct Line to the page is :
    I’m sorry, i’m french and my english is bad. But Backbaybogger bas the same issue with his slide show and he explains very well that is not ordinary.
    Please justjennifer go to my site and tou will see why i need help. Thanks for your help. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide, vous êtes très sympathique.



    @pascaldelyon-Your English is just fine. I wish my French were as good :)

    When viewing in Chrome 21, I do not see anything out of the ordinary in that slideshow. However, I am now on my netbook, which has a smaller screen resolution (1024×600) and in IE9 (9.0.8112), indeed the slideshow suddenly goes from showing regularly sized images to displaying very tiny thumbnails. I’ve taken a screenshot and will post it here shortly.

    I checked again on my desktop (screen resolution 1280×1024) and in IE9 (9.0.8112) and I did not encounter the sudden change in image display size.

    Can you please check:
    What browser and version are you using?
    What is your current screen resolution?




    What fixed it for me in IE9 on my netbook was updating to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. You can check what version you are running here and there’s a link to download the latest version on that page.

    This is not so relevant to Chrome21 because the flash player there is integrated and is supposed to be updated automatically when Chrome updates.



    I’m using IE 9 (9.0.8112) with update 9.0.9.
    The current screen resolution is 1920×1080



    We posted almost at the same time. See my last post about the Flash Player.



    I have version 11.3.300.271 installed. It’s the latest version. I’m having the same issue with my Ipad.
    This problem again happens when i made changes in the image file size and resolution. Perhaps slide shows run correctly if the number of images is lower ?



    @pascaldelyon-I had no problem viewing all the lovely images in your slideshow, so I don’t think that number of images is the problem.

    As far as the iPad, are you using the iOS app? If so, that’s an entirely different problem and best addressed on the iOS forum



    No, no, no… I said that because the problem is the same with Windows or iOS. I have a netbook and an ipad. The slideshows doesn’t run correctly on windows or iOS. So, i think that the problem is the slideshows.



    OK-regardless, I’ve tagged this thread for Staff help. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before Staff look in.



    Ok, so it appears to affect only small screen resolutions then?

    Just to be sure, are you not running IE in compatibility mode?



    @macmanx-At first I thought screen resolution was a factor, but in Chrome on my netbook there was no problem with image size display. In IE9 (not in compatibility view, as far as I can tell, but you are welcome to look) on my netbook, the behavior I described here occurred. This behavior disappeared once I updated my flash player.

    I just looked again in IE9 on my netbook after logging out, clearing my cache and cookies, etc. The images continue to display correctly.

    I’m stumped.

    The OP says it happens on his netbook, which doesn’t seen to have a low screen resolution, and also on his iPad. See his answers above.

    Thanks for looking.



    Hm, that is puzzling, since I don’t see the problem on my iPad.

    Are we referring to an iPad 3, or 2/1?

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