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    I just uploaded a new post with several images – same as I always do – however on this one my thumbnails do not give me the ‘hand’ icon when I ‘mouse over’ and I can’t open a new window with the original, larger version of the image. This is a change from yesterday [4 December] and all the months before, when it just worked fine.

    Anybody have any idea as to what might be going on?




    Oooppss – sory for the ‘Picture’ typo.



    Can we get a link to your blog (the site in your user name is not hosted here) or a direct link to a post where this is happening?


    same happens in my blog
    it started with the change to the new version 2.7


    Mine also jonseye.wordpress.com


    Please try to search the forum before starting a new thread.


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    As of an hour or a bit longer ago, the editor did seem grumpy. I uploaded about 10 jpegs and processed them all the same but 1 or 2 were quirky and not opening in a new window. It meant going back and specifying details again on those.
    The link from panaghiotisadam makes is clear what to do.

    Make sure to click the File URL or Post URL button before you click the Insert into Post button. Once you've done this, your choice will be remembered for next time.

    Otherwise, you have to go back to the advanced setting to link to your image file.



    Many thanks to everybody!!!!!!!!!

    This is the answer:

    “Make sure to click the File URL or Post URL button before you click the Insert into Post button. Once you’ve done this, your choice will be remembered for next time.”

    I never did this before, so this change must have just taken place during the last couple of days – again, many thanks!



    Wow, this is nutty, I tried the above in a test post and it worked, then I went and edited my post that needed the fix and it did not work:



    You mean to an already published image? That’s slightly different: you go to the Visual editor, click on the image, click the mountain icon that shows up, click “Link to Image”, click Update.



    Well, I seem to be getting different screens and results every time I try this. I went ahead and deleted the image and uploaded it again and linked to it, and when I moused over it I only got a tine thumbnail appearing on a separate window page.

    The same thing happened when I tried what you suggested.

    I checked and re-checked the image size in photoshop and they were much larger.

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