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Pilcrow, almost perfect

  1. lawrencevanrijn

    I have been considering to upgrade, even considered getting a premium theme. There is but one issue. None of the themes seem to do what I need it to do. Pilcrow comes the closest, with one issue remaining. the width. It cuts the width to 500px. Giving me loads of space left and right that I am not using. I need my 2 column solution to be a lot wider. Actually only the text column (where the articles are in) needs to be wider, the rest is OK.
    Which theme might offer this? I do want my header pic to remain as is.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,

    With the Custom Design upgrade, you would be able to adjust the width of the Pilcrow theme. Other themes you might be interested in:

    Twenty Ten
    Twenty Eleven
    Twenty Twelve
    Truly Minimal

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