Pilcrow: How do you make the “Tagline” show?

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    Can the blog’s “Tagline” be displayed in Pilcrow? I can’t find anything in the CSS that can controls it. (General Settings/Tagline: “In a few words, explain what this site is about”)

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is x-evolutionist.com.


    I found the tagline in the footer, but how can I show it in the header?

    Thank you!



    Hi, xevolutionist. The Pilcrow tagline won’t show in the header but we have a few similar themes that do show the tagline in the header. I recommend checking out Coraline and Twenty Ten. I hope that helps!



    Thank you very much for the suggestion. The thing is that I have been working on my css for three days and I just noticed this. I’ll just stay with what I have.

    Acutally, I used Twenty Ten when I had it self hosted until this week. I moved to WordPress.com because updating the software, plugins and backing up the database cramped my style. WordPress.com does all I need, and I’m happy.

    (how my site used to look with Twenty Ten

    Maybe I’ll redo it back to that (with css) next time I get energetic.

    Thanks bunches!



    Oops, I goofed. I think it was Atahualpa, instead….



    I use Twenty Ten for my fun blog. That’s why it sounded familiar.



    You can in some cases use the CSS to move a specific text widget up into the header area and put your tagline in that. It requires using “position:absolute” and then using top:XXpx; and left:XXpx; declarations to position it. Some themes do not respond well to moving widgets around the page though outside of their parent divs.


    Thank you very much for the information! I appreciate the suggestion!



    Here’s a quick way to do it using CSS (there’s a CSS forum area for this type of question):

    #site-info a {display:none;}
    #site-info {position:absolute; color:#000; top:82px;}
    #nav {margin-top:20px;}

    If you wanted to keep the footer text intact you could just add the tagline in a text widget and reposition that instead.



    Thank you very much for the info. I’ll check it out!




    That worked great! Thanks bunches!

    Do you also happen to know if my page tabs along the top can be centered? My page tabs are centered on the top row, but they wrap to another line, and I would like that line of tabs centered. Can that be done?

    Thank you very much!



    I just checked my site in Firefox and Google Chrome and my tagline is superimposed on my first row of page tags. Can I do something to make the tagline show correctly in all browsers? I used your css, but I added font-size:20px; in #site info to make the text a little bigger.



    Hello there,
    I do not provide CSS help however, here’s some on topic advice > An effective tagline for branding and SEO purposes does not exceed 67 characters including spaces. Creating a lengthy blog title and lengthy tagline is NOT the way to go. Creating a sparse and specific combination of key words in your title and tagline is the way to go.

    Cross browser compatibility can be tested free here http://browsershots.org

    Use Firefox as your browser and download the Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug add-ons, which allows you to edit stylesheets on a live page.

    Best wishes :)


    Hi Timethief.

    Thank you for the link to http://browsershots.org. That is so cool! I just looked at the images of my site. I’ve got some work to do.to make it look right everyplace. (It would be nice if a revision in my CSS would make the tagline look alright everywhere!)

    You mentioned the “tagline for branding and SEO purposes does not exceed 67 characters including spaces” Does the 67 characters count title and tagline total? My title is 48 my title tagline is 44, including spaces.

    (I hope not – I’m pretty emotionally attached to my title and tagline. I’ve had my site for a pretty long time – hosted in several different places over the years before I relocated it to WordPress.com.)




    I just read this part again: “Use Firefox as your browser and download the Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug add-ons, which allows you to edit stylesheets on a live page.”

    That sounds great. I’ll have to check it out.

    Thanks bunches.




    Title advice – As short as possible containing relevant keywords
    Tagline advice – As short as possible using relevant keywords not found in the title and not exceeding 67 characters including spaces

    The most typical errors that new bloggers make is going overboard and cluttering their blogs so the design is destroyed, the sidebars are overfilled with distracting clutter, the front page has too many posts and force scrolling, the sidebars are too long and force scrolling, and creating large solid blocks of text in posts that contain little white space and no rest for the eyes and mind.

    Writing for the web is not the same as writing for print media. Presentation is important because it’s the first thing that readers experience when clicking in. In blogging less is more because the more jam packed, cluttered and distracting the blog appears to be the more that discourages readers from actually reading the content. Discouragement leads to clicking out never to return again.

    See > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2009/01/02/widgets-less-is-more/


    Timethief: Thank you for all the advice and information!

    Everybody: Regarding my tagline css, here’s a picture of my site in a firefox browser from http://browsershots.org:
    It shows how my tagline is superimposed over the page tabs.




    There are only two Volunteers who help with CSS editing. Please be patient while waiting for them to get to you.


    Hi Timethief.

    I’m sorry if I gave the impression that I was being impatient. I got that image from the great site you linked. I thought the image would give more pertinent information about my question about the superimposed text.

    I realize that you are all volunteers. That is why I attempted to offer help in a couple of posts. When I was in Windows Live Spaces, since I had been there so long, I used to give a lot of advice to other users. I was hoping to help here eventually.



    I found a workaround that can be used to show a tagline in the header if anybody is interested. It is inline after the site name:

    h1:after {

    It looks the same in IE, Chrome and Firefox.


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