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Pilcrow tagline in header

  1. I would like to have the tagline for my site appear in the header. The site-title and tagline do display in the footer, but I cannot determine how to add the tagline to my header, directly underneath the site-title. I do have the custom design upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. With pilcrow, the best way to do this is to put the tagline into a text widget (with no title) and then we can use positioning to move it up and into the header area and you can style it as you see fit. Moving the tagline from the bottom is doable but not entirely clean.

    Get the tagline into the widget in your sidebar and then we can help you move it up and into position.

  3. Thanks for the solution. I went to Pilcrow, because I really wanted a three-column solution. However, the blog looks so beautiful on my original choice, Bueno, that I'm going to try, for now, to do it with that theme.

    Now if there's way to force another column in Bueno ...

  4. Now if there's way to force another column in Bueno ...

    You cannot use CSS editing to add a sidebar to a theme that does not have one.

  5. Hi, I am trying to do add a tagline to my header as well. I have added a 'text' widget w/ no title to my sidebar. now how do I move it up to the header?

  6. @laurabirshan
    All CSS editing is theme specific. Would you like to post an active link to the blog you are editing?


    I want to add "community supported bread" under the header "BAKESTER"

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