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    Hi, Each of my posts look so messy with the tags and categories listed at the end of the posts. It says “Filed Under” and lists the categories and “Tagged as” and lists the tags. I’d prefer to remove these 2 sections. Can it be done without taking away a persons ability to search for those tags otherwise? How? Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is jeannemeeks.com.



    If you purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing you can hide tags and categories
    See here for details on the custom design upgrade:
    Custom design – Frequently Asked Questions


    Hi, I see you have the Premium upgrade, which include Custom Design, for one of your sites, but not for the one jeannemeeks.com is mapped to.

    You can hide the tags and categories from beneath your posts with the following CSS, and the tags and categories will remain where the search engines can see them. You can go to Appearance > Customize > CSS and try the code out to see what it looks like. Just delete the informational text in the CSS window and paste in the following. The grey rectangle, and the comments link will remain.

    .entry-categories, .entry-tags {
        display: none;


    Thanks, Sacredpath. I followed your directions, but could not find “CSS” on the blog I’m using. How do I use the Premium upgrade I bought on the correct blog, not on the inactive one?


    Which site are you wanting to make the changes on? Right now your Premium upgrade is on jeannemeeks.com .

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