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    I would like to report a few issues involving the Pilcrow theme:


    I am currently using the Twenty Eleven theme, but I have noticed these issues in the past & once again when previewing the Pilcrow theme today.

    1. The Pilcrow theme does not show up in the list of themes with three columns, when you use the Feature Filter when looking through themes under the Dashboard | Appearance | Themes; even though the Pilcrow theme has a three column option.

    2. Under the Theme Showcase for the Pilcrow theme, three columns is not listed in the Features list, even though it supports a three column option.

    3. I think that the Pilcrow theme offers a Page Template for Links (makes the page automatically lists links in blog roll list) & Archives (makes the page automatically list archives of the blog), but that probably is not mentioned on the Theme Showcase for the Pilcrow theme or available in the Feature Filter either.

    4. On the Pilcrow theme the Widget Header Titles in the sidebars have a habit of showing up/appearing with various spacing issues where the title might touch the widget area, another title might go into the widget area, another title might almost touch the widget area, and another title might show up with a normal spacing from the widget area; are there any plans on adjusting the spacing of widget titles on the Pilcrow theme so that they all have the same spacing or is that part of the Pilcrow theme’s style or something?

    Thank you,
    -John Jr :)

    The blog I need help with is goodjohnjr.wordpress.com.

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