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    1) One post is showing twice even though I only have created it once.
    2) Post titles show up initially, but then sometimes, they disappear from the home page. When I click on an individual post that is not displaying the title, the full post pop-up does display the title. How do I get the title to display always?

    I have submitted these questions on the forum for help. No response.
    I tried contacting Themefy who wrote ‘Pinboard’ but for some reason, my ID and password don’t work because I bought the theme from WordPress and not from Themefy so they will not allow me to submit a request for help.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi stefstuff19,

    I am seeing the double display of a post (Paleo Breakfast Sausage).

    Can I redirect you to ask your question on the Pinboard section on the premium themes forum? Our theme masters over there can answer your questions and get the problems fixed, and the problem (and solution) will also be available for other users to see.



    Thanks – didn’t realize there was a separate board. I just posted over there.

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