pinboard slideshow top and bottom borders way too thick

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    I just upgraded this site to pinboard and have just posted my first slideshow to it. I have the theme options set so that my posts display in the medium (three-column setting). But the new entry with the slideshow looks terrible, because there is a huge black border above and below all the images. (The width of the border on the sides is fine.)

    The only way I’ve found to make it better is to use the two-column setting for the entire blog, but I don’t want to have to rely on that.

    Can you offer another fix?

    I’m disillusioned because I looked at the theme demo on the developers’ website and it didn’t look like this. I’ll be very disappointed if I can’t post slideshows in a compact format that look nice.

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is


    I agree – I also found this disappointing. Another fix might be to be able to change the color of the slideshow surround to white?



    Thanks for the suggestion. Let’s wait to see if one of the support staff responds on this. In my experience, they do a pretty good job troubleshooting the glitches on the premium themes. Sometimes they even change a feature of the theme’s code on their end so that it benefits everybody. . . . I hope so, anyway.

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