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  1. Does ping sites such as technorati when I update my blog? Or do I have to do it manually?

  2. according to the admin's reply, the answer is yes. however, i found i must login my technorati account and mannually ping.

  3. Forgive my ignorance but what is a ping and how does it work?

  4. If you allow pings (located under dashboard > Options > Discussions - the first check box at the top of the page) when you post an article WP will ping all links that the post contains.

    This is a good thing when linking ("pinging") to another blog that allows pings to be received.

    It's a bad thing if your post contains a lot of links to newspapers, magazine articles or other sites that don't allow pings. In that case it will slow down publishing the post because WP will keep pinging the "non-ping" sites until they time out.

  5. @maria: And in this case, with technorati, the trick is, that reports through the Pings and through Ping-o-Matic automatticly blog-search pages like technorati etc. So if you write a Post, technorait e.g. will get pinged and if someone else is searching for the same subject, he will find your post (within minutes after you've published it) and you (should) have to do nothing for that. This works much faster than the "old-style" search machines.

    @marc: afaik has wordpress 2 (and a new ping functionality, so that the pings are sent after publishing the post. So you won't be slown down through the ping process. You are writing your post, publishing it and than you can do other things without waiting for the pings being sent out. It really much better than in WordPress 1.

  6. I'm using myself. Don't know how well it's doing though.


  7. @marc: afaik has wordpress 2 (and a new ping functionality

    Thanks kapeka for correcting that. I have been blogging so long (and too used to the old drawbacks) with WP1.5+ I had forgotten about that improvement.

    I would also take drmike's suggestion. I have found WP2.0 at times apparently misses sending pingomatic a ping despite it being built into 2.0.

  8. WP1.5 had an option to add in your own ping listings. I do not see one on the version we are currently using.


  9. This is option is still there, in the wordpress 2 solo edition (how to call the Version of WordPress to differentiate between and the other wordpress?), but not activated in

  10. I think we still need to ping additional services that's not covered by the pin-o-matic thingie.

    Is that an option in the locally installed wordpress?

  11. There is a problem with pinging Technorati because according to technorati I last pinged 131 days ago. That is like mid-November. I have updated, and pinged manually many times but no luck.

  12. Then go to their site and ping them mannually. Or kill "many birds with one stone" and use the Pingomatic link above.

    It might be an individual problem, both my blogs have been hitting Technorati with no difficulties.

  13. I use the pinger from BlogFlux:

  14. Technorati is having issues, we're working with them to track it down.

  15. stephencrippen

    Is there anyway to tell if a ping has been sent out after you've written a post?

  16. thistimethisspace

    Why not simply manually ping here I do this every time I publish a post and it works well for me.

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