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    I searched and I searched however I can not find the answer to this question… maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
    So this is what happened, I got an email from word press and it said “please moderate”. It was referring to the post I just posted only hours ago… The email then told me that “A new ping back on this post” then it gave the title of my post and told me it is waiting for my approval. I have posted before, and I was never asked to approve my post, what is this, also, what is a ping back?
    Was it telling me to redo my post, it told me to moderate it… so does that mean word press does not approve of it?

    The blog I need help with is




    It means someone linked to that post, and your blog is set to display pingbacks, which look like comments but are just automatically generated snippets from sites that link to you. Some pingbacks are from spammy sites that just want people to click on the link and read their site, but most are from real people who’ve linked to you. Some are even from you, linking to your post from another post. Just approve those.


    So, they pretty much wrote something in their blog and then hyperlinked my blog in their blog? Is there anyway to see their blog and why they linked to my blog?

    and raincaoster you should be getting paid for your help hahaha!



    Is there anyway to see their blog.
    Yes. If you look at the e-mail informing you of the pingback, you will see their ‘URL’. Just click on it.


    Oh, thank you, both of you, but now I just feel so silly because I have tried everything to see who pinged my blog, and it turns out, I pinged my own blog hahaha, I used it in a hyperlink and pinged it myself, which is why I could not figure out who pinged it.

    That was a fun circle hahaha!

    thanks to you both!


    I also don’t understand pingbacks. Why do they appear as comments to moderate? And what happens if you approve them? (I’ve always just put them in the trash because I thought it was spam or a software bug until found an explaination in the help.)

    Most of the ones I get (maybe all, I’m not sure because I already deleted most of them) are also self-pings.



    You can stop self-pings. See here > I don’t bother though when I link to my earlier posts in new ones I get them and I just delete them.



    Also see here for trackbacks >

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