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Ping comes in as comment four times

  1. I got a ping, but it did not make any sense to me, but I figured pings are good, so I approved it. Then the same ping kept coming back as an email to me to approve the same ping four more times. I got mad, and deleted the ping. Is this a bug? Why must I approve or unapprove a ping? It is not a comment, and I don't care about them, but I don't want to be nagged via email about them.

  2. Without more information about the ping itself, we can't say.

  3. I am copying the text here, I hope that is allowed, but I don't know how to describe the situation in words. The comment is nonsensical.

    A new pingback on the post #109 "Most common software won't work with Vista" is waiting for your approval

    Website : Windows Vista Benefits - Page 4 - FileFront Gaming Forums (IP: ,
    URL :
    Pingback excerpt:
    [...] new measures. And most find them annoying, and disable UAC. Compatibility?? ?? ??? Seriously WFT? Most common software won’t work with Vista Microsoft Says Vista SP1 Won't Resolve Compatibility Issues [Google]"won't work with [...]

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    Delete it:
    Spam it:
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