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    Where is the update servisec.
    Becouse the technorati doesn’t work that well. So whanne try this but I can’t find it.
    Technorati guid
    But this didn’t work.



    I have absolutely no probelm at all with technorati [fingers crossed]. This is the url I use ‘’



    Not sure what the issue is that you are having since you don’t mention it.

    I do see one problem though. You need to contact Technorati directly and point out that you’re having a problem with getting your blog updated. You’re having teh same problem I did with one of mine when it wouldn’t show that it had been updated in the past but it was still showing the occasional post coming in to them.

    I’ve gotten to the point that I just visit pingomatic once a day and run through my blogs manually.



    The update service isn’t in wordpress any more like explained in the link.
    But a mail to technorati will do the same?
    Than I need to write very need :(
    I try that then
    Thanks a lot


    Member automatically pings pingomatic and they themselves send out notice to many ping services.

    I was suggestin you email Tech. directly because they themeselves are having an issue with listing your blog.

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