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Pingback Comment Looks Odd

  1. I have received a pingback in a comment on my blog. The comment looks like html code. I went to the user's blog who left the comment and have no problem with the pingback, it's actually a nice gesture! Can someone look at the comment and give me some input?

    This is the post I'm referring to: Weekly Photo Challenge


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not much of a nice gesture, because that blogger hasn't actually visited your blog and added the link manually: those "related posts" have been automatically generated by Zemanta (which is probably why you got all that code). You can delete the two duplicate pings, or (if you like the other blog) you can delete the one and edit the other to remove the garbage.

  3. Link looks legitimate to me.

    Looks like the commenter posted twice, so if it were mine then I'd delete one. As for the code, you could also edit that away with a note that you deleted irrelevant code. just leave "[...] Weekly Photo Challenge (Self Portrait) ("

  4. ~~Panos
    should have refreshed before hitting submit…
    I forgot about Zemanta

  5. Awesome, will do! Thanks for the help!

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