Pingback functioning is problematic at WordPress

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    I have been monitoring the functioning of pingbacks at my wordpress blog and the wordpress blogs of others.

    It is not functioning correctly.

    Sometimes no pingbacks are generated…
    Sometimes only a limited number of pingbacks are generated…
    Sometimes pingbacks are issued slowly a few at a time…

    I am suspect of problems with the wordpress pingback server or intentional limiting of pingbacks.

    I clearly understand pingbacks and trackbacks and which works on which sites I frequently issue pingback triggering links to.

    This is a wordpress problem and I would like to see a response from tech support on this issue.

    When I have a link in my blogpost to another blogpost of a friend where I am approved and I do not see the pingback on that friend’s blogpost where I am approved and where my pingbacks have worked in the past… there is a problem.

    Please respond.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m having the same problems. Please repair!



    yeah… many folks do not understand the ins and outs of applying pingbacking. I do understand the application of it and frequently use it for blogsites that support it and where I am vetted and approved such as my friends’ wordpress blogs and blogs like and others where I am vetted… and I clearly know when pingbacking is not working as advertised.

    I am vetted pingbacker at which is a blog and which supports pingback and know that, though I am vetted there, they are selective as to approving a particular pingback. That is not the problem.



    another side issue is… in order to see pingback confirmations I have to go into edit mode of a blogpost to view this status… and the status box is not scrollable… and limits visibility to about 13 pingback confirmations. But that is a limitation, not a broken function.



    Pingbacks have stopped working on my blog. I value them because they give a forward link to a relevant post. I have noted they can be spotty, but now for some reason–nothing. I’m hoping the is a quick, easy answer and that missed pingbacks can be created automatically. Thanks! –jim


    I would suggest sending this directly into staff since virtually all people here are volunteers – bloggers just like you. Contacting staff directly is the only way to make sure they are aware of the problem and can check it out.



    Will do. Thanks TSP!


    You’re welcome.



    I have a ticket going with tech support on this problem… and they are working on the issue.



    advanced blogger has advanced problems, it depends on when you ask the questions, but always, someone kind and nice will respond, happy to learn the issues.



    And the drama is on again — is it happening only at my blog? I need to know if it’s a massive issue before I send a ticket to support by now.



    Thanks for posting the update so we are aware that Staff are working on the issue.



    The Tech Staff at wordpress did their job.

    They waded into the problem, which turned out to be very time consuming, tracked down the problem, and FIXED IT!

    Now my pingbacks are flowing like wine!


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