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    Just got an email in my Junk folder. The subject is

    “[Perpetuum Immobile] Pingback: “Technostalgia Defined””

    The content is

    “New pingback on your post #10 “Technostalgia Defined”
    Website: Perpetuum Immobile » The Sunny Seventies (IP: ,
    URI :
    […] […] Yesterday I went for trip to the big city. Big compared to my little
    broadband-connected village of 800 people, anyway. The Z88 came with (see
    ‘Technostalgia Defined‘) and travel time disappeared as I wrote
    yesterday’s blog on it. […] […]

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    Do I get this email because I had a link in this post to another post of mine? Is that not allowed? Did I get this because someone clicked that link?

    If I’ve done something wrong, then tell me how to link to other posts of mine in a WordPress legal manner. ;)



    Ah-hah! The plot thickens. Now when I look at the linked-to post there’s a comment there with the paragraph with the link pasted. What gives??? :o



    You got a trackback. You linked to your other post and WP sent you an email telling you that someone (in this case yourself) had licking to one of your articles.

    It’s normal.

    The paragraph in your original post just shows you what is being said about your article at the other page.

    As to it being in your junk email folder, your email provider has probably setup his or her email servers to label all PHP mailed emails as spam. That’s overkill in my opinion.



    Thanks for answering! :)

    But what about the comment that appeared in the linked-to post? Is that normal too?



    I get a few emails now sent to my bulk folder by people who left legitimate comments on my site. So I just moved them over to my inbox.



    Yes, pingbacks show up as comments. That’s why you got the email alert: you set your blog up and asked to be emailed when you had a new comment. All is good.



    The comment is the text around the actually link. It shows as an example of what was actually written on the other page.

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