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    Hello. How do I re-ping someone who had accidentally deleted / denied a ping request? My blog wont re-ping. Even when I do the manual trackback, it still doesnt work. My blog wont re-ping any blog that has already been pinged once.

    Would someone mind answering this question. I asked earlier and instead of getting answered I got a couple of douchebags whining about trivial crap. One of them claims to associate with sacred virtue, and the other actually calls himself a volunteer contributor, but they both insult and form prejudices about my reasons for posting. And neither actually answered the question.

    The blog I need help with is


    Trackbacks are sent out when a post is published. Editing a post or things like that will not send another trackback out.

    Copy and paste that post into another new post and publish it and then delete the old post.



    We both answered you in that other thread. I suppose we’re the douchebags:

    Remember, anything on the internet is archived somewhere.



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