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    Hello. How do I re-ping someone who had accidentally deleted / denied a ping request? My blog wont re-ping. Even when I do the manual trackback, it still doesnt work. My blog wont re-ping any blog that has already been pinged once.

    The blog I need help with is



    We always need a link to your blog, starting with http, in order to help with technical issues.


    Although I cant imagine why this would affect only my blog and not be a generally answerable question.


    So, I imagine youre just wasting my time and trying to sound brighter than you are.



    Thank you. It’s possible that you’ve been listed as Spam, in which case NONE of your pingbacks or comments will show up. If some of them are, just not the re-do’s, then the only way I know of to re-ping them is to delete your existing post and write a new one with all the same content and same title. FAR too messy. If you desperately want a link to your blog going from the comments section of a particular blog, link your name to your blog following the instructions here, and then just leave a regular comment:


    @ cogitoergocogitosum, with the possible exception of staff popping in once in a while, we are all volunteers here in the forums, not your personal slaves. We all have lives outside of wordpress. We don’t just sit around waiting for you to post a question.

    We ask for a link to the blog to make sure you are in the right forum for one thing, and also because typically we have to look at the blogs to be able to help. We get a lot of people asking questions here who are not hosted here and our answers will likely not apply to them. Instead of wasting their time and ours, we make sure they are in the correct forum right at the beginning.

    you originally posted at 9:42

    Raincoaster posted at 9:49

    you answered at 10:11 – twice

    you then got snippy at 10:12 thinking you were being ignored

    raincoaster then answered you at 10:13

    That is a total of 30 minutes from start to finish.


    Sorry, 31 minutes.



    No worries. Since cogitoergocogitosum doesn’t actually cogitate on or even read the answers I provide, I’ll save time in the future by not supplying those answers.


    His 11:59 PM post should also be on record here – ample proof he “doesn’t actually cogitate” (without the “on”):

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