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    Despite scouring the forums and my dashboard features, I can’t seem to get the pingbacks to appear on my blog in a neat, numbered link-fashion. I have followed the directions in Intro to Blogging. Perhaps my theme doesn’t support it, but I can’t tell. I have enabled all the appropriate boxes in the Discussion tab.

    Thus far all I know to do is to approve the pingbacks that appear as comments, although all this does is make them appear in my comments as links to my blog. Thank you for any help!

    p.s.: I can’t quite decipher the paragraph in the Intro instructions:

    If there is someone that wants to send a trackback to your WordPress blog because their blogging software does not support pingbacks, your trackback URL they should insert into their post edit panel is your blog post’s permalink with “trackback/” appended to the end. If their software supports pingbacks, they do not need to do anything, the process is automatic.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can delete them without consequences.
    You can can stop self-pings.
    You can disable all pingbacks. See here >


    Thank you. I don’t want to stop or delete them, I want to create a list of links like I see on other blogs which appear with or near the comments that readers can click on. Thanks!



    Can you give us an example? Do you mean Recommended Posts? Use Zemanta for that:


    Thanks, yes – taken from beneath the comments section, this is what I am trying to do – they are neatly numbered and have easy links:

    Trackbacks & Pingbacks

    Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour | Parallel Lines
    weekly photo challenge : the golden hour | Time To Be Inspired
    Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour | Sonel’s Corner
    Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour | kissed by starlight

    I have enabled trackbacks and pingbacks in every place I know how, yet approving these when they appear as incoming comments to be approved, only makes them appear as comments.

    Thanks again for your help.


    p.s. – I also enabled Zemanta, but this does not seem to achieve the desired effect.



    Pingbacks will always appear with your comments as that where they belong. If you want some other format then there isn’t one.


    I’m fine with them in my comments, I just can’t figure out how other bloggers get them to appear in a nice, neat list of numbered links that appear separate from the comments. Or the blog I just saw today that had thumbnail pics of each site’s photo along with a link, like this site:
    How can I get thumbnails like that of other blogs, like she did with mine?
    Thank you again~~

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