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  1. I enable Pingbacks. I thought, from reading about Pingbacks when I clicked "Help," that I would know the URL that pingbacked my blog post, could click that URL and then could decide whether or not to approve. But all I see is my Blog title and some of my text, so how do I know who is "pingbacking" my blog post? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you give us a link to that post and pingback if it published on the blog?

  3. If you go to comments in your dashboard, the URL will be in the left side "author" column.

  4. First, Here's a link:

    Second, Went to "comments." On the left side of "author" I see a little empty box-no URL--I'm copying what appears
    The After-Christmas Let-Down (aka The Day After Christmas–Revisited Post) | Help! Aging Parents
    Submitted on 2010/12/27 at 10:53 am
    [...] adult children inflate that let down feeling? Yes. First, go to this past Tuesday’s post, and reread the three suggestions. Next, use your 2011 technology/calendar to ensure the three [...]

    Thanks very much in advance--and Happy New Year

  5. Help--I continue to get pingbacks without URLs and I've giving you the information I think you need. THANK YOU.

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