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    This has never happened before, I had shower of spam comments many times, but today all of a sudden my blog is inundated with pingbacks from sites with absolutely nothing to do with my subject (food)

    I am trashing them, but wonder if there’s anything going on today in particular – is this happening to any other bloggers?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. What you are describing looks like trackback/pingback spam (yes, another form of spam):
    I haven’t experienced a surge of that kind of spam lately. It happens once in a while for me. Perhaps other people can comment on the issue…



    I am getting ‘shortened’ links directing to my blog in greater numbers recently…..



    I think I got about 50 in the last 3 hours, and this has definitely never happened before.

    Very annoying, as I need to check each one to see if it’s a comment from a new visitor or a spam-pingback

    what do these people gain by doing this? (sigh)



    Me again….. wondering if I could selectively stop the emails from WordPress that inform me of pingbacks.

    If I block all emails, of course I’ll miss important info such as comments to be approved, so I don’t want to do that

    However, the flood of pingbacks did not stop after the first 24 hours, and this morning I see 75 emails in my box, plus over 200 blocked in the site as spam

    I really would like to stop getting the emails, if there’s nothing else I can do to deal with the spam-pingbacks


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