Pingbacks for Daily Prompt apparently not working

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    About once a week I participate in the Daily Prompt. I create a pingback to my literary blog: Wyrdwend –

    Sometimes this works, and sometimes it appears it does not work. For instance I created a pingback for today’s prompt Guests and it never showed on the Daily Prompt site. Here is the post:

    Perhaps I am proceeding incorrectly, I do not know.

    Seems strange it works sometimes, and not others. Also should my pingback contain links constructed such as these:

    Or these:

    I’ve tried it both ways. Any help with a resolution will be appreciated and I thank you for your help in advance.


    The blog I need help with is



    Anyone able to assist or advise me?



    Hi there,

    The link you provided here leads to an error page, so it looks like you’ve deleted the post.

    But for a pingback to work you need to have the link in your post when you press Publish. Editing a post after publication to add the link might not cause the pingback to go through.

    Also keep in mind that pingbacks also need to be approved, and the staff on the Daily Post moderates all comment and pingbacks, so it could be they just haven’t gotten to your post yet.



    Thank you for your help Kokkieh.

    Should I be using a particular editor?

    For instance I use the old editor which I much prefer to the new editor. Can that also cause a problem?

    I have also heard that the entire site (WordPress) has been lately having problems with pingbacks. Is this still the case?



    Pingbacks should work equally well from either editor, so that shouldn’t be a factor.

    We had some problems with pingbacks a couple weeks ago, but that has been fixed and we haven’t had any other reports of them failing. Just make sure that you add the link before clicking Publish on your post for the first time, and make sure you use the full URL of the daily prompt post as explained in the instructions at the top of the page there.



    Thank you again for your help Kokkieh.

    I did as you said, as an experiment, linking to the Daily Prompts using both the new and old editors. I used the link as you and the instructions explained, using the text editor (not the visual editor) to create the link prior to posting and still no joy. It does not appear to be working and my pingbacks are not appearing on the Daily Prompt site. Here is an example of what I did:

    Both editors are set to accept pingbacks and comments. Comments are being exchanged I know that much, and successfully in both directions as far as I can tell. Pingbacks however seem to be non-functional.

    I will continue to experiment but since I am following directions and using the full link as prescribed and setting the pingback link prior to posting and both editor settings seem to be correctly construed I’m not really sure what more I can do from my end.

    I would appreciate it if you or someone else could look at my blog and perhaps help resolve the situation for me since I know of no other corrective steps to take.

    Than you in advance for your help and thank you for your help thus far. It has been appreciated.


    If you or someone



    Hi @occu77, I can see you have some pingbacks to the Daily Post that worked and some that didn’t.

    Can you test whether it’s just The Daily Post by adding a pingback to one of your own sites and seeing whether that goes through?

    As a side note, while I was troubleshooting I noticed you’re using quite a few tags and categories on each post. You’ll want to try to limit those … aim for ~10 total tags and categories, no more than 15.



    Thank you for your help Supernovia.

    Pingbacks to my other sites are apparently working as I can click on those and they go straight through. As do reblogs. The only links/pingbacks that seem to be failing are to the Daily Post.

    Today I tried to make another pingback to the Daily Post for the Sanctuary Prompt. See here:

    The pingback will allow me to go to the Sanctuary prompt but my post does not show on the Sanctuary prompt page. Which is my REAL PROBLEM. The real problem is not that the pingback won’t work from my page, the real problem is that the pingback won’t show on the Prompt page I link to. If that gives you a better clue.

    Also I do limit my tags to 10 and under. However no one has ever advised me to limit my categories, as a matter of fact I got the opposite advice about that.

    Are you saying I should limit my tags and categories to 10 total and under (that is 10 or under tags and categories combined), or limit my posts to 10 tags and 10 categories?

    I will experiment with whatever you say.

    By the way I made my Sanctuary post in the Text Editor not the Visual Editor. If you have any other advice it will be appreciated as I still am unable to understand how to resolve the problem.

    Thank you again for your help Supernovia.



    the real problem is that the pingback won’t show on the Prompt page I link to.

    And to confirm, when you try pingbacks between your other sites, do they appear on the post you link to there?

    The editor shouldn’t matter.

    And here’s the information on tags+categories:



    I’m not sure what you mean Supernovia by, “do they appear on the post you link to there?”

    For instance if I link to a page on one of my blogs it will show up in the linking page and it will connect to the other blog successfully. That is the link will show on the page I am using as the connector, but I use the URL address to make the link.

    On the Daily Prompt page however I always use the link included under the Show Instructions. For instance today’s looks like this:


    Are pingbacks entirely different or do they use a different protocol than the URL address? If so then how are they different and how can I construct them to appear on both the page that is the “connector” and the page I want to “connect to?” Should a pingback appear on both pages, both the one I am linking to and the one I am linking from? If so how do I make that happen?

    Or should I just use the standard URL address?

    Would that fix the problem since all of those links appear to work.

    Thanks also for the info on tags and categories.

    I appreciate it.



    To clarify, when I said above: “the real problem is that the pingback won’t show on the Prompt page I link to.”

    I meant my post won’t show on the Prompt page I am linking to. I said pingback because that is the method of linking to the prompt page, I did not mean to imply that I expected a pingback link to show on the Prompt page. I meant I expected my post to show there because of the pingback link.

    I didn’t want to confuse you with my use of terminology. Sorry if I did.



    You had some that worked (showed up on the daily post), then they stopped working, right?

    Can you think of anything you did differently between then and now?

    Can you also link me to the test posts between your two sites? If I can find them I’ll be able to see what information I need, but you have lots of posts to sift through.

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