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  1. How come my blog is not auto-pinging at Technorati? Anyone else having this problem? Do I have to start using Pingomatic?

  2. i've the very same problem like you just a few weeks ago, although i have contacted the technorati support for about 3 times without getting a reply, i decided to solve it by myself

    and the solution is very easy ... delete your blogs from technorati and add it again ... and just wait for a few minutes (or wait for an hour) and you'll see the result ... btw that problem caused by technorati indexing problem (and only few people getting this problem)

  3. Your blog here uses Pingomatic already which pings Technorati.

    Best bet would be to contact Technorati support directly. It's a known issue with them and has come up many times here in teh forums.

  4. I ping manually after every couple of posts, too. Cannot hurt. Technorati is very spotty; I know they're the 500-pound gorilla and all, but the damn thing just doesn't work smoothly at all. They'll catch up eventually, though it could take weeks. And OT I hate their redesign; not all of us have 36" monitors for gawd's sake!

  5. @raincoaster
    What do you mean about their re-design? I have a 17" monitor screen and I can see everything.

  6. About a week ago they launched a redesign of the site. You've probably noticed when you sign in that it's a nifty little rolling-down window instead of a sudden jump transition.

    Unfortunately, when they did that they changed their settings so that the actual Sign In and Sign Out buttons are about 2" off the right edge of my screen. I'm using the same size monitor as you are, but perhaps what we have is a browser issue: I'm on IE6. Technorati and Photobucket are the only two sites that do this, and it is VERY annoying to have to scroll back and forth to sign in or out.

    Actually, the POST box here does the same. And I think we did determine A) It's a browser issue and B) they're not gonna optimize it for IE because techies don't use IE anymore.

    So, sigh. I hope I spelled all my words right, because I can't check them.

  7. Even I am facing the similar problem. I logged in to Technorati today to check the status of my blog and noticed that Technorati hasnt updated my blog stats for last 21 days.

    I had to ping it manually to refresh my blog stats.

    Is there a problem at the wordpress end or its Technorati's Fault ?

  8. Technorati's Fault. You may want to read the thread you're posting in. :)

  9. even when i ping manually using any number of services, nothing happens.

    if i delete my claim and reclaim, will that cause even more indexing problems? i work hard for these links.

  10. even when i ping manually using any number of services, nothing happens.


    Excuse me for being rude but what part of "Best bet would be to contact Technorati support directly." do you not understand?

  11. This isn't a wordpress problem but maybe he can't find the link drmike ^^. So eteraz here's the technorati link for contact for support

  12. I have contacted Technorati support regarding this issue and another one in the past and their response has been nothing. No replies at all.

  13. Have you sent a follow up on the ticket number that you receive? Only way I ever get a response out of them.

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