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Pinging Technorati

  1. Hello,

    For the past 24 hours my new posts on our blog has not been updated by Technorati even though the pings say they are going through via their website.

    Is anyone else having this issue or know how we can fix it?

  2. The best bet is to contact Technorati. I am told they have support staff specifically for this type of issue.

  3. Thanks for the reply. do you know if they have a support URL just for this issue? All I can find is their general contact us link (that i have used twice today about this issue ;-) and no response yet.


  4. That's all that they give out. Usually I get a response when I copy back the autoresponse with a "I haven't heard back from you" tucked in there.

    You can also go over to Tech. and have them ping themselves. That sometimes works.

  5. I've noticed that none of the links to my site that happened the past couple of days are showing up over there. They get behind sometimes, which is why I always ping Pingoat as well; I figure that, between Pingomatic, Technorati, and Pingoat, some of the info is getting to the search engines at least.

  6. Thanks raincoaster, I just noticed that a) technorati stopped updating after i used the blog it feature from digg for the first time, but i have no idea is that screwed something up and b) other, more popular blogs, like techcrunch, etc are being pinged and updated just fine on technorati.

    thoughts? anything i can do? or just wait until they reply?


    just do it manually. Much easier.

  8. Technorati must be having issues. I can't even log on. It's timing out for me.

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