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Pings & Pingbacks

  1. Hi Anyone,

    Can you tell me what ping is? And what is pingback? How do I do it? Someone "pinged" my very new blog, but I'm not sure what that means, or if I'm supposed to do anything about it...?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi
    loosely, Pinging is one web service telling another that something is happening.

    most common example here at
    one person has a blog post that has a either a quote or link to your blog. either manually or automatically sends a "pingback" to your blog.

    check this support page out

    if a pingback has shown up on in your comment moderation queue, than some blogger either reference your blog or link in someway or it was generated by the bloggers "related post".

  3. Sigh.
    After you understand the pingback, understand the term "backlink".

    A backlink is used specifically between blogs and websites when one is citing another URL (the website location) or quoting.

    Although a pingback is actually a technical means of backlinking:
    As far as I know, at wordpress.Com, a backlink is the same as a pingback.

    I mention this because the word "trackback" is used on the post editor page.

  4. Thanx much for this info & link! ; - )

  5. Your welcome and Happy Blogging.

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