Pininterest – can somebody give me a simple answer about pinning?

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    I’ve just joined pinterest and see several posts about it here.

    All I want to know is when I open up one of my boards, do the contents then join the main stream of pictures or does somebody else have to pin/ re-pin it?

    I tried the support team for pinterest but they said they couldn’t answer that question for some reason.

    The only reason I joined (apart from looking at the pictures for my own amusement) was to advertise my own pictures, to help kick start my t-shirt shop on cafepress. If I can’t get my stuff out there, then this seems pointless – that is, if it is up to someone to select it or hold it back.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve seen my posts in the main stream when you view “Everything”.

    But that channel is a constant fire hose of updates… lots of volume flying by.


    Probably that is the problem then “You are old Father William…,” To quote the poem and I’m starting to get old and doddery! (My wife says the only thing I do quick is eat!).



    This is not a support issue. You must get your answer form Pinterest Staff and as such is the case this thread will be closed.

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