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Pinned photos from wordpress turning grey and muddy on Pinterest

  1. I am having issues with the image quality of my photos. At first when I was posting the photos they were posting all grey and muted, the sharpness was there but the color was off. I was resizing them for my blog in photoshop before uploading them so that was not the problem. I am still having the issue if I try to upload more then one photo at a time but if I upload them individually they are coming up fine.
    Now I was trying to pin some to pinterest. When the pin dialog box comes up the pictures look as they do on my website but when I go to pinterest they have that same grey, muddy look. Does anyone know what this issue is.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. May we have links to examples of what you are experiencing please?

  3. Sure, I have deleted the pins because I don't want the photo's out there like that but I will screen capture it off my dashboard, they look muted there too.

    If you go to my blog this is what the images are supposed to look like:

    This is what they look like when I pin them:

    I am not sure if that second link works, let me know if it doesn't. I can't figure out another way to show the photo.

  4. It's up to Pinterest to grab and re-save the image, so I recommend contacting them.

    My guess is that they aren't properly interpreting the color profile when they re-save it.

  5. I don't believe it is Pinterest because it shows up that way everywhere except my actual post. The thumbnails in by dashboard, the mobile site, the photo sharing sites, pinterest, the thumbnails for the link on Facebook, is definitely a wordpress issue.

  6. Are you saving the image with an sRGB color profile?

  7. It was saved as sRGB. I went back in and changed it also to N.America web/internet setting in photoshop and re-saved it, that seems to have worked. It is frustrating that I have to go through so many steps but whatever works. Thanks everyone for your help.

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