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    I don´t know what I did wrong (again). I’ve got two new posts today. But when I come to my first page, I find the post from April 28th as the first one. It was ticked in the (This post is super-awesome) box. And I’ve got three comments on it (two today, both mine). Do those things have something to do with this past post being in front of all?

    The blog I need help with is



    I could have sworn I answered this. Oh well.

    Try the solution here: it worked for one person having this problem. And it’s good for your blog anyway.


    Oh, thanks a Lot! I manage to fix it with your post!
    I know it is annoying when people ask same thing in different treads, But I promise I tried to find something before :/

    Btw, it helped me to stick one other post that fits better the place :D


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