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Pinning text at the start of a blog?

  1. Hello,

    First time blogger here, so I apologize for the noobiness. I want to post a quote under my heading that stays on the main page and is not considered a new blog entry. Is there a way to do this?

    Thank you!

  2. Not at What you can do though is put the stuff in a text widget and put it at the top of your sidebar.

  3. Thanks TSP. I did as you recommended, and while it's not exactly like I want it, it'll work just fine. I appreciate your help!

  4. You're welcome, and happy blogging.

  5. You could make a header image with the text in it...

  6. Thanks- I had this question too. I used the text sidebar solution. Thanks much!

  7. I made an enquiry similar to this a few days ago. I asked about having a "sticky post" that would remain at the top of my postings page. There weren't many answers forthcoming.

  8. Or a static front page?

    Or your blog's tag line on those themes that show it?

  9. Seriously, we must have had two of these inquiries a day for the past week. They're all over the forum; if you didn't get many replies to your thread, it's probably because of forum volunteer exhaustion.

  10. beyondreasonable

    exhaustion? Seriously? Two a day for a week is 14 and we assume your cut and paste works. exhaustion? Peeing must hurt for you.

  11. Wow. One whole day here at and you're already making comments like that towards one of the most helpful and knowledgable forum volunteers?

  12. It certainly doesn't bother me. God knows, someone with that much math ability and a fascination with urine must have so much difficulty connecting on any kind of human level that this is probably the best he can do. Oh, by the way, avatar reported as Adult.

  13. Scratch that: BLOG reported.

    The thing about asking for attention is, you sometimes get it.

  14. Nice one, Raincoaster!

  15. Before making a new post, I just re-date the post I always want at the top/front to a few minutes before "now" and date the new article at least 1 minute older than that. Works fine, just an extra step to have to do, and doesn't mess up dynamic feeds via services like feedburner since those seem to be based on newness of post IDs (newset first) and not the date.

  16. Glad I'm not the only one who found that avatar mature and reported it. I didn't bother going to the blog, though.

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