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PINOY out der...

  1. hey r u filipino? then , add me

  2. No, but a one-hit-wonder ("Look at Killer Joe Go") group from the early 60's called the Rockey Fellers were Filipino teenagers. They didn't speak English but learned the lyrics phonetically.

  3. i'm a filipino... but...

  4. whoa, then add me...hahahahha

  5. i dont easily add people... it depends if i like your blog and i always visit it

  6. nice...

  7. pinoy here!! and proud add my blog astig layouts.

  8. hi nick!

  9. wahahahaha, bute nmn my pinoy den

  10. im partly pinoy :D

  11. partly?
    half wat?

  12. I'm a pinoy as well! Well, half Pinoy half Chinese but I live in the Philippines! Visit my blog:

  13. maybe you like to visit this one... showing off some places in Philippines... though i hvent uploaded the others yet... i hope you like it.

    or just go to my personal blog...

  14. I'm Pinoy, too.
    Drop by the Broken Coffee Cafe at or see some of my pics at

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