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    While I’m sure many people are ‘over’ pinterest by now, I think some would still find it really handy to have a pinterest feed widget. Basically it would function like the twitter widget – showing the latest things you’ve pinned just as the twitter widget shows your last few tweets.

    It would also be great to have the option of feeding just from certain board (for example, if you wrote a baking blog, you could choose that pins from your baking pinboard will show up on the feed, but pins from your ‘cute kittens’ board will not).

    I’m not sure how easy this would be to implement, but it would be very useful. I believe pinterest already creates RSS feeds for each account and each board, if that helps.



    One work-around that I’ve found on the forums is to link the Pinterest RSS feed through the Flickr widget, since that allows for any RSS feed to be linked and then display as images (see

    To get it from a specific board or from your general feed, take a look at for the specific addresses.



    You can also use the RSS widget but it doesn’t show images.


    I wish we could customize the images for any widget and feed…I agree a Pinterest feed widget would be great. I’m not much good at manipulating RSS yet and I and since I can’t get my rss widget looking as I want it, I don’t really want to also have to mess around for pinterest. I just added a pinterest logo on my sidebar and linked it to my profile. I’m waiting for a better image from a graphic designer soon, but it works ok right now.

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