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    But you see that is the exact meta tag Pinterest supplies to me in my settings. I have tried about 10 times and that is the same thing they give me. So are they giving me the wrong thing?


    yes I am using thier meta tag (and not the html method) and that is still what they give me to paste.



    They must be.

    According to their support documentation, there are two ways to verify your site ownership.

    Verify by HTML file upload (which you appear to be doing, this doesn’t work here):

    And, Verify with HTML meta tag:

    You want the second method, verify with HTML meta tag.


    I tried the html file they provided – even though I knew I could not use it – and this is the error on that:
    Your server responded with a status code of 404 (file not found). We tried to visit

    so it is clearly looking for that meta tag and the 2a394.html

    what on earth?


    It actually is the same number for both just in different formats. I am at a loss after trying both. :(


    yes what you saw was me trying the html not the meta this one time. but for days I have been trying the meta. believe me I have tried both methods out of sheer desperation but I know how meta tags work since I work in media. I just can’t get this one they supply to work :
    <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”pinterest-2a394.html” />

    I thank you for your help. I just will wait to see if I hear from Pinterest.



    If they’re also providing “pinterest-2a394.html” for the meta tag verification method as detailed at then they must have something messed up on their end of things.

    I recommend contacting them about this.


    Yes clearly. Thanks again for trying! :)



    You’re welcome!



    I came here with the same problem but have just got mine to verify. It’s easy when you think about it.

    Someone at Pinterest has mixed things up and is giving us the file verification code for the meta tag, and the meta tag verification for the file upload. They have swapped things around. Must be a programming error at their end, like you say.

    So all you have to do is go to the file upload method and copy the long string of characters, and then replace the crappy string they’ve given you in the meta tag with that long string.

    Worked for me.



    Hi Liz
    Yes I did think of that already. But my file shows the same value! Argh. Did you open it with a text reader or something else to find a different string?


    I’ll show you the steps I took

    1) You look at what they say you *should* be using to verify via meta tag – at the moment it is something like this :
    <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”pinterest-c5y55.html” />

    2) Then go to the file upload verification and see that that says. Mine said to upload a file with a name like this : a7b550dfdfada886726c4280c83d03af

    3) Copy that long string and make a new meta tag verification like this
    <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”a7b550dfdfada886726c4280c83d03af” />

    In other words, correct their mistake. The put that new meta tag verification into your wordpress site, and it works.



    Now THAT sounds like it will work! THANK YOU! I will try it tonight :)


    Thanks diywn and 40yearwanderer i share your frustration.
    I would try this but when i try to download my html verification file (which is really the meta tag) i don’t get a code i only get this – “Looking good! You are ready to return to the verification page and complete the process. happy pinning”
    do you know how i can get and see the actual code and not just this message?


    I think pinterest just fixed there error, the real code actually just showed up and i was able to verify, finally.
    thanks so much both of you!!


    I don’t know what you mean by download my html verification file. You should not be downloading anything.

    You should be replacing the string shown in this screenshot
    1) See this screenshot :

    with the string in this screenshot
    2) See this screenshot :

    And then using that as your meta tag.


    If they have, thank goodness for that.


    Thanks diywm and yes THANK GOODNESS!! :)


    Yes they did fix it! I emailed them 3 times and got a canned response only. I am guessing they didn’t want to tell me they got it backwards. ;) I am sure I am not the only one to email them. Glad it is now verified. On to the next thing. Thanks all!


    Mine still wont verify it says ever time that it can’t find my meta tag.

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