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  1. The Pinterest button doesn't seem to be working. It's there on the blog but won't actually pin properly. Is that an issue with Pinterest or wordpress? Thanks.
    Blog url:

  2. I concur. I have been working hours trying to figure it out. It appeared once and then is off again. If it is a glitch at word press and not my ignorance of computers, can you let us know your working on the problem and when it will be fixed?

  3. brenden, maybe i am missing something on your blog, but i did not see a pic that could be pinned. the header pic does not pin to pinterest. try adding a test pic to page and see if that pic properly pins.

    try a follow me on pinterest button for pages without non header pics.

    forgive me if i am wrong! i am in the forums trying to find the pink and white vertical theme that i saw once but have not ever found again!

  4. Mine is working or I just figured it out. Thanks

  5. Hello there,
    You can use any widget that has pure HTML but you cannot use any widgets that contain restricted codes like iframes or JavaScript widgets. In the case of Pinterest, you cannot use the Pin-it Javascript code on a blog.

    But you can put the code for the Pinterest follow button in a text widget.
    1. Go to this site, choose which one of the red Follow Me images you want, and copy the code for it.

    2. Then, go to your widgets > Appearance > Widgets and select a text widget.

    3. Paste the Pinterest follow button code into the text widget, "save" the widget, "close" the widget and place it where you want it to display in your sidebar.

    4. Please see here for enabling sharing buttons including Pinterest on your blog.

  6. Thanks, timethief. 8)

  7. You're welcome.

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