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    I know that we can’t use javascript on wordpress, so the code generated by the pinterest website won’t work. I’d like to add a Pin It button to my sidebar for my entire blog, not for individual posts as a share button. (Although, that would be really neat if any developers are listening!)

    Has anyone figured out an html work-around for adding a Pin It button that creates a pin without using javascript? Is it impossible?

    The blog I need help with is



    Has anyone figured out an html work-around for adding a Pin It button that creates a pin without using javascript?

    This has been discussed in other threads. All you have to do is upload a Pinterest image and link it to your Pinterest page.


    Yes, I did search the forums thoroughly before asking, so I found that. My question is different… the above is for a Follow Me button. I am not interested in sharing my Pinterest profile, I’d just like to make it easy for Pinterest users to pin my blog to their boards. The code offered by Pinterest for this fuction uses javascript. I just to know if some html wizard has crafted a work-around so we can use that function with a wordpress blog.

    Thanks! :)



    Log in to Pinterest and then click this link
    Do you see this code for the third button down?
    `<img src=”” width=”61″ height=”61″ alt=”Follow Me on Pinterest” />
    Copy and paste that code which is no Javascript into a text widget and place it in your sidebar.



    <a href=""><img src="" width="61" height="61" alt="Follow Me on Pinterest" /></a>


    I appreciate that you are trying to help me, but those are the instructions for adding the Follow Me button, which I am not interested in. I am interested in the Pin It button, which uses javascript in the code generated by the Pinterest website.

    So, if anyone has figured out a way to use it using html, I would really appreciate it!



    I’m also a Pinterest member and there are no Javascript workarounds.


    Ok, thanks! I hope someday we’ll get the Pin It as a share button. :)



    I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for a Pin It button.



    Anyone heard of any API by pinterest in the works? That might help.


    I just wanted to second the interest in a Pin It button! I would love to be able to have my readers use it on my posts.



    Thirding the interest in a Pin It button that is a SHARE button!



    This is what I have been looking for! (a pin-it button, NOT a follow me on pinterest button). Please let me know if anyone creates one that is not in javascript.



    Why not javascript? Are you referring to use with I’m was thinking of creating a plugin for custom WP installs but javascript should be fine.




    SIGH …

    Please be aware that we cannot use JavaScript here on free hosted The software will strip the code to preserve security and stability as our blogs are not free standing blogs. they are all on the same multiuser blogging platform and sharing an common underlying architecture. That means that once instance of bad script on a single blog could bring down many blogs.

    Also be aware that There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual plugins or third party themes into them. Those found on the internet are for WordPress.ORG installs which run on different software. vs The Differences



    I apologize. I honestly didn’t check to see that these were the wordpress.COM forums. I just googled “wordpress pinterest plugin” and this was the first forum thread to show up.

    I am primarily a wordpress.ORG user and developer, and so far I haven’t gotten any existing Pinterest sharing plugin to work, so .ORG needs this too.

    That being said, if I find a way to make it work without javascript I’ll make sure and post back here.



    Hey there,
    Now we are on the same page. :)



    I’m hoping that it’s possible to add Pinterest as a new service in the sharing buttons we have available under Sharing in our Dashboard and have asked Staff for assistance. Will let you know if and when I get a response.


    you people are obviously a lot smarter than me about this stuff.



    Just adding my request for a Pinterest Pin It sharing button (not the Follow Me button – already have that). Glad to see so many others requesting it, too!

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