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    Has anyone here tried the plug in for Pinterest – WP Pinner?

    It looks very useful, but I can’t find any information from anyone who’s actually tried it, and I’m cautious about adding something that’s not fully tested.

    I’m also unsure as to whether or not it’s officially sanctioned by WordPress, so some guidance on that would be welcome too.




    We cannot use either Javascript widgets or plugins. There is not FTP access to our blogs and plugins can only be used on installs.

    You can put the code for the Pinterest follow button in a text widget.
    1. Go to this site, choose which one of the red Follow Me images you want, and copy the code for it.

    2. Then, go to your widgets > Appearance > Widgets and select a text widget.

    3. Paste the Pinterest follow button code into the text widget, “save” the widget, “close” the widget and place it where you want it to display in your sidebar.

    You can also add a Facebook, Pinterest, etc. sharing buttons below your posts > Sharing

    You cannot use the Pin-it Javascript code on a blog.



    Thank you for your quick reply, timethief.

    I have the Pinterest follow button on my blog, but this plug-in appears to provide a more interactive experience between WordPress and Pinterest. It’s still in beta testing, though, so I will wait and see what happens.

    Your user name made me smile (I’m a Doctor Who fan) so I’ve checked out your blogs and am now following both; I hope that’s okay?



    Hi again,
    That plugin is for installs. It doesn’t matter how well it works on them because the bottom line here at is one cannot upload a plugin unless they have FTP access and plugin tabs and we don’t. vs The Differences

    P.S. Thanks for following my blogs. :)




    Thank you again. I’ve long been puzzled by the differences between and, but hadn’t taken time to research them – those links are very handy! :)


    One thing I’ve found with Pinterest and my clients is they are all up and excited about it in the beginning, but shortly after they end up running as fast as they can in the other direction, and I end up installing a Pinterest blocking plugin on their site.

    Just sayin’



    I am among those bloggers who would like to be able to install the code to block Pinterest pinning.



    Oops! I just saw your last comment above. Many people don’t know the differences between self hosted installs and free hosted blogs. We Volunteers post that link over and over here every day. :)


    Yeah, what my clients found was that it pushed them off the first page of Google searches by Pinterest and that the Pinterest stuff wasn’t resulting in any real increase in traffic, or that the Pinterest traffic was not enough to offset the loss of Google traffic. To me Pinterest seems to be only a hair’s width above splogs.

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