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    Hi, i have pinterest as a referrer “” but when i click the link i tdoesnt show me anything.

    People from bloggers groups on facebook have sometimes pinned my stuff. But i can never find it. How do i see it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Referrer data is sent to us in something called a HTML header on the site where someone clicked a link to our site. In other words, in this case that referrer stat tells you someone clicked a link to one of your posts or media files that appeared on the Greek version of Pinterest.

    But that header only tells us on which website someone clicked a link to your site. It doesn’t tell us which user on that site clicked the link, or even where on the site they clicked the link in most cases.

    This is controlled by the website on which the link is clicked, so by Pinterest in this case. If they don’t provide more detailed data on exactly who clicked the link, we have no way of showing that to you.

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