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    I have my blog address on my pintrest profile, and today pintrest prompted me to verify he web address so that the entire address can be seen on my profile.

    It asks you to download a file from their site (pinterest-f7e71.html), and then upload it to your site server and then follow the instructions….

    Anyone know how I would do this on wordpress or if it is even possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    Maybe you could put it in a static Page and then delete it after you get verified?



    I’m having the same issue.


    Pinterest has a help page that says they cannot verify hosted wordpress blogs at this time. When you try to verify and fail, they give you a link to a help page. On that page you can sign up to be notified when more verification options are available.

    I even tried setting up a page with the title being the Pinterest HTML document you’re supposed to upload to a server,and pasting the code as text on the page. However WordPress changes the .html to -html when you publish, and it messes up that workaround! Pinterest really thought of everything! Oh well.



    I have the same issue. Would love to know the answer to this one!

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