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  1. How do I link a panel to the page, and if I use the grid, how do I link the featured photo to the content. Please help, I have spent forever trying to get this to work and have had no luck.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Please confirm if you have read the Pique theme documentation regarding the same.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi sarahmackay1

    To link the panels to your Front page to specific pages you need to go to Customize → Theme Options. From the drop-down, select the page you’d like to appear for each panel.

    For more info how to setup your theme, you can have a look here -

  4. Please read Adding Panels and Grid Template in the Pique theme documentation and let me know if you still need help.

    Thank you.

  5. Thank you, I have read the theme instructions and have added the panels with no problem.

    What I'm having trouble with is that as someone is scrolling through my homepage of panels, I want them to be able to click on a panel, recipes for example, and go to that page. Currently, you are stuck on the home page.

    Also, under restaurants, I want to click on the featured photo that is set up on the panel using a grid format and subpages and go to that subpage. Currently, to link to the subpage I have added text below the photo with a link included.

  6. For the panels, each panel will show all the content of that page, so if Recipes is a page and you have recipes on that page, that panel will show all of them.

    What you can do is use categories in blog posts to sort your content and then add a button on that panel that will only take you to the recipe category page showing only your recipe blog posts.

    So basically, when you post a recipe as a blog post, add it to a Recipe category, then below your content on the Recipes Page that you are using for the panel add this code to create a button that leads to the category page with your recipes

    <a class="button" href="<strong>YOUR-CATEGORY</strong>/"><strong>Button Name</strong></a>

    (make sure you are using the HTML tab in the editor and not the VISUAL tab to paste in the code)

    You can change the text that is bold in the above code to whatever you called the category, if you use two words as a category name, like Good Recipes, write it like this in the code and you can change the text of the button by changing the Button Name text to what you want - `
    <a class="button" href="<strong>good-recipes</strong>/"><strong>More Recipes</strong></a>` Note the hyphen (-) between the two words of the category Good Recipes.

    You can do this for any other panel as well, just change the category or URL in the code to where you need the button to go.

    Here is some more info on adding categories to your posts -

    Give me a minute and I'll look into the Restaurant section for you

  7. Ok, that did not format the code as I expected :-)

    The code for the button is this -
    <a class="button" href="">Button Name</a>

    And this is how it will look when you add your info to it -

    <a class="button" href="">More Recipes</a>

  8. For the Restaurant panel you could use the same button code on each child page under the content of that child page to create a button to that specific page

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