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Pique theme : translate Read More

  1. Hi,
    On, how do i translate the Read More text into Dutch? I'm using the free Pique theme.

    Check screenshot here:

  2. Hello @

    Please try changing the language of your website:

    You will see the language options somewhere in the middle of the General tab on that page.

    You can find more information from this link:

    Let me know if you need further assistance.


  3. Site language is already in Dutch. However ... if i set it to French, the Read More is translated as 'Lire a suite de".
    So my guess is, the translation file is not 100%.

    Checking the status, i see the Read More is in green, but strange enough not working, obviously.

  4. Please send a link to your website.

    I am tagging a WP Support, you will find the tag "modlook" on the side, so they can further assist you.


  5. The site is in development mode. Can i PM you the URL?

  6. Hi Rob,

    The string "Read more" has already been translated to Dutch and is awaiting validation. You can help translate the theme to Dutch by visiting this page:

    If you want to know more about translating have a look here:

  7. Hi,
    Thanks - the ones marked in yellow are mine. But as you can see the Read More > Lees Meer is in green and done by Druesome in 2015. That is a good translation. However not taking effect on my site.
    Happy to share a link in PM

  8. Hi Rob!

    Translations for themes on don't get deployed until at least 85% of their text/strings have been translated. The percentage of translated Dutch strings is currently at 64% for Pique.

    Would you be able to contribute translations for this theme? If so, you can do that here:

    We also have a community translator tool that may be more convenient for you:

    Let me know if you're able to contribute translations to the theme and I can ask someone on the team to approve them.

  9. Hi - i've translated 100% now, all waiting for approval :-)
    Would be cool if you can ask someone to do so.


  10. I took a look and some of the translations awaiting review appear to be in English:

    Could you take another look? Perhaps there was some mistake while translating?

  11. I could find one that was still in English. By accident i suggested two translations. Either of them is good.

  12. Thank you, Rob! I've pinged one of the Dutch speakers on our team and asked them to approve the translations here.

  13. Hi,
    Can you ping them (or can I do it too?) a bit stronger? I am expecting to go live with the site very soon.


  14. Hi Rob,

    I'm happy to report that one of our Dutch validators approved the translations this morning. They'll be deployed and viewable on your site early tomorrow morning.

    Hope that helps!

  15. I checked, and yes the translations are there.
    Thanks for your help.

  16. Perfect! Let us know if anything else comes up too. :)

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