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    I was doing a Google search for my books and found that somebody on a WordPress site is giving away one of them for free. Is there a way to handle this or should I just scream while I’m loosing money because of an inconsiderate thief who is taking away the capitol for my children’s education and clothing?

    The blog I need help with is rainbow4price.wordpress.com.



    How did they get the book? Did they purchase it from you?



    Also what is the exact URL of the site you refer to?


    They didn’t get the book from me, but they could’ve easily gotten it from smashwords. I’m finding a lot of my books being given away. The url is spanewmanewsme90501.wordpress.com/


    Whoever that is, he/she is given away a lot of books that aren’t theirs.



    I would contact that person via a comment box or a contact form if they have one, tell them exactly what the impact of their piracy is on you, and ask them to stop.


    I’ll try that. Wish me luck.



    Also note this: https://en.support.wordpress.com/report-blogs/

    Report copyright infringement
    To let us know that a blog is reproducing your material in an unauthorized manner you will need to file a formal DMCA notice by following the instructions found here: http://automattic.com/dmca.


    That sounds like a plan because others are involved and probably aren’t aware. Thanks.



    Best wishes with this.

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