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Pirate Site

  1. kristinbutcher

    Came across this site and since I wrote this book and knew nothing about PDF format, I contacted my publisher. My contact there informed me this is a pirate site and to click on any of the links could lead to a boatload of viruses. They said I could report it to you, so I am.
    Kristin Butcher

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That does not seem to be a WordPress.COM site

  3. You'll also want to point your publisher to this:

  4. kristinbutcher

    I thought I was addressing a support team from WordPress. I had no idea I was opening a discussion thread. Thanks all. I have dropped the headache in my publisher's lap.

  5. Most of the support is done by unpaid volunteers - another part of the problem is that the sites you found are not hosted here on WordPress.COM so there is nothing that anyone can do here other than give you some help on the steps that need to be done

  6. kristinbutcher

    Thank you.

  7. you be welcome & good luck to your publisher!

  8. As auxclass says, since isn't a site, your publishers will need to pursue other avenues to address any copyright infringement. For your information, the site is being hosted by Inception Hosting Limited -

    Good luck!

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