pissed off at a work of mine stolen…

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    I was browsing a blog and found that a short story of mine, posted on a forum a year or so ago, has been copied and posted without ANY credit given to me at all. Without asking me, uses their work as my own…pissed off…
    I have since added more parts, and I have the unedited versions, so I KNOW that this was MINE.
    Yet there is no way for me to contact this person to tell them to take it down. What should I do?

    NOTE: The nature of this story is rather embarrassing in subject matter, so the fewer people I could get involved with this, the better.



    Contact support and give all the details.


    I looked over things quickly, and maybe I am blind or it’s late and I’m low on sleep and lazy, but I’m not entirely sure how to go about that.



    It’s at the bottom of this page.



    I do not have a blog here. Only they do. It says I cannot get support unless I have a blog.

    Please, explain.



    You can fill out the form anyway; you have a WP.com user ID, and that’s enough. If it INSISTS on a blog being filled in, just put wordpress.com and explain in the box you don’t have a blog.


    I’ll see if that works. thanks.


    Doesnt work…



    Okay, then put in one of my blogs. Put “lolebrity.wordpress.com” in there.


    thank you. I’ll see if it works. For all I know the site is not really connected here, but I clicked where it said to leave a comment, and it told me to log in, and a few more clicks lead me back here.
    Sorry if I wasted anyones time. I hope this can be resolved. I would have contacted the blog owner first, but it was not doable.



    I think going through this way is the best. Tell them you got my permission to use my blog so you could get help, give them a link to the post on that blog that stole your stuff, give them a link to the forum where your stuff is posted if you can, or offer to email them a copy of the story, include a link to this thread for clarity, and they’ll take it from there.


    I did most of that, except say that I got your permission. Whoopse…I little thievery of my own, though unintentional.

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