Placing a search widget on the "feed-wrap" pages in The Columnist

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    I’d like to test out having a search-function on the right-hand side of the frontpage (and the other “feed-wrap” pages) in The Columnist theme, underneath the menu navigation bar, and I tried to use the “#s” code in the CSS, but to no avail. Is there some easy way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    You’ve virtually done away with the left sidebar area where widgets would go, making it only 100px wide. I have to maximize my browser window on my 1440px wide laptop monitor to see your entire site. There is something messed up in your CSS that keeps a horizontal scroll bar from appearing, so most people will not even know you have a search box to the right of your main content (they won’t be able to scroll to the right to see it).

    1024px wide monitors: 14.6%
    1280px wide monitors: 10.5%
    1366px wide monitors: 23.6%

    What you have to do is to put the search widget into the sidebar and then use the specific widget ID for that search widget and use position: absolute to move that widget over and to the right of your content. This is just example code and after putting the search widget into the sidebar, you will have to look at the source code on your site, find it, and get the ID for that particular widget.

    #search-4 {
    left: 1200px;
    top: 100px;

    You will have to adjust the left and top values as needed. I’ve specified “left” instead of right because your site is pinned to the left border of the browser window.



    Yes, I wasn’t sure what that 100-pixel field on the left was for, and thought it might be interfering with the display of text. But thanks for the information; I’ve placed a search box on the site — but what I want to do, if it’s possible, is to have it display (directly under the bar of navigation menus, on the right-hand side) on pages of the “feed-wrap” type, i.e., the front page and others like it, and not on single-post pages.

    As regards the total width of my configuration, I was trying to keep it so that it would fit all standard computer screens (albeit with maximum browser widths); I didn’t realize that it went beyond those that are 1024 pixels wide. I could eliminate a bit of space on the left-hand margin, moving the columns a bit towards that side, and then it should fit even those screens.

    What in the CSS coding could be preventing a horizontal scroll bar from appearing?



    directly under the bar of navigation menus, on the right-hand side

    Not very reasonable: you’ve got a dropdown there.



    That’s true at the moment, but I’m also thinking of moving that particular menu item elsewhere.

    So, is it possible to have a search function on the “feed-wrap” type of page at all?



    No, because the theme doesn’t display widgets on dynamic pages.
    You could use a different theme: some themes have a built-in searchbox in the header area.



    Thank you for the clarification.


    Thanks Panos. :)



    But have you any idea what might be preventing a horizontal scroll bar from appearing?

    For the moment I’m considering whether to shift everything by around 75 pixels towards the left, thus (I believe) making it fit even the smaller 1024 pixel screens.


    But have you any idea what might be preventing a horizontal scroll bar from appearing?

    The overflow property set to hidden for the #page element is causing that. A rule like that is usually added to clear floats. It wouldn’t be good advice to remove without researching the theme a bit more because presumably the rule was added by the theme author for a good reason, and it could break the layout in unexpected ways.

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