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Placing animations in the sidebar

  1. Is there any way to place animations in the sidebar (in some text widget)?

  2. as long as there is no iframes or javascript, I guess there's no problem! ;)

  3. no flash either.

    Give us an idea of what you want, please, and we can tell you whether it will work. Animated gifs are OK.

  4. I have downloaded one animation I was interested in, and it opens (plays) with Macromedia Flash Player. If such animations can't be placed in the sidebar, then I guess I must forget it, at least for the present.

    Thank you for your help.

  5. @aiasanthosion
    {waving to judy and claude)
    Judy is correct we can only use animated gifs and not flash. You can confirm this here reference:

    And as you are new this Beginner's Guide may be helpful

    Happy Blogging :)

  6. Thanks a lot, timethief (and, again, claudecf and judyb12).

  7. Yay! for judy and claude - another happy camper. :)

    @ aiasanthosion
    Happy blogging :)

  8. @timethief:
    I reciprocate your wishes (though not being so happy, I would dare to say...)!

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