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    Please can I get some guidance on how to centre images on my website I have looked at number of tutorials, but when selecting the image and then the centralise button its seems to make no difference . I am hitting update after making changes FYI. Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    You’ve asked a few different questions here in the support forum over the last two weeks. Is the site you need help with as it still doesn’t contain any user-generated content. If not, what is the address of the site you need help with?


    My website is nearly complete. Yes I have asked questions on the forum as I am a paying member ? If the website where easier to use and navigate I wouldn’t need to ask these questions. I hope you can continue to help me a a customer of WordPress.

    Is it that my site is set to private ?


    thats the website I am refering to ?


    Thanks for giving the address of your site. Often volunteers can offer better help if they can visit the site in question to see the issues being faced, and also which theme is being used (which can have a bearing on how images are handled). After adding images to posts/pages in the My Sites dashboard you should be able to highlight the image and set alignment but it may depend on the size of the image and if the image is a featured image etc etc. Only staff can see private sites so I’m sorry I can’t be more help.

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