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    I am trying to add a new post with a photo. I am able to do so, but there is no margin around the photo. The text of my post butts right up against the edge of the photo, with no space between. No matter how I align, there is no space between text and photo. How do I add margin to the photo to correct this?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you wish to have a caption box around your image then you need to complete the caption field.



    Here is a reference link to illustrated instructions for you:

    Caption – Image caption to be displayed when using captions (will also display as the alternate text).


    I’m sorry, I am not having problems with the caption. I’m having problems with the text of the post. If I align the image right, then the text (not the caption) of the post butts right up against the image. What I need is some margin around the image.


    Captions have nothing to do with margins.

    If you’re editing posts using the visual editor, click on the image, click the mountain icaon that shows up, click Advanced Settings, type a number (10 at least) into the “Horizontal Space” and/or “Vertical Space” box, click Update, click Update Post.

    If you’re using the html editor, you can add the necessary command to the image code; to give precise suggestions, we need to see the post in question.


    You can switch the editor to html and paste this before the image code:
    <div style="float:left;padding-right:24px;">
    and this after the image code:
    But the bulleted list next to the image isn’t a happy combination. Try to think of a different arrangement, or at least use plain text and add the bullets manually, not using the list button.


    Thank you, that did correct my problem with the margin and the text. Can you tell me now how to align the top of the photo (horizontally) with the top of the text in the second paragraph? I would also like to see my bullet points all appearing in a straight line below the photo. Thanks again!


    You’re welcome! To achieve what you’re asking, delete the previous code and try this:

    <table style="margin-top:-8px;">
    <td style="padding-right:20px;vertical-align:top;">
    <td style="padding-top:8px;">

    I would also make the image larger, so that it stretches across all the bulleted items.


    Thank you very much, but I think I shall have to go back to the drawing board. I’m not sure how, but I am going to have to figure out how to put a photo exactly where I want it, and wrap the text around it, exactly how I want it – and where. Thanks again.

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