Placing of the “Likes” and “rate”-functions

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    The “likes” and “rate” functions shows on comments only. If your post is no commented/rated (yet), so the function never appears for the visitor who is not about to comment or read the comments.
    The interaction would grow very much, if the rate/like function would automatically appear on the post itself, instead to appear under comments.

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    It will, you just have to set it that way. Go to ratings > settings in your dashboard and from the make the settings for each individual content type by clicking the “post” “page” and “comment” tabs. Click save when finished.

    For the sharing buttons, go to settings > sharing and from the “Show sharing buttons on” pulldown select “pages, posts and index page” making sure to save after making the changes.

    As far as having the buttons show on comments before any comments have been made, what would they be “liking”? No comments = nothing to like.



    Thanks, “thesacredpath”. With your guidance I found my path to the solution.
    Case closed, close the thread too.


    You’re welcome.

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