Placing text partially on top of image?

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    Hi all:

    I’d like text to partially overprint an image. I know that I can align the image to the right of the text, left of the text, and under the text. But there doesn’t seem to be a command to overprint the image.

    Exactly what I’m trying to accomplish is this – place some quoted text on a blog post. Then using an enlarged gray quote icon, align the quote mark icon to the left and have the quote start on top of it.

    Any way to accomplish that?

    Help and guidance always appreciated!

    – Jeff

    The blog I need help with is


    There are at least two ways you can do this. You can also do it without an image, just by typing a regular quotation mark and changing its size, color, and margin. But first publish the thing so we can see it. Also: do you want that for one post only, or as a solution for your quotes in general?

    Note that in several themes you get such a quote by default when you mark some text as a blockquote. See here, under “Other graphics”:

    And please correct your username link – the URL of your blog is this:
    (no www in blog URLs)



    Hi all –

    Figured it out – just changed horizontal spacing to a negative number…

    – Jeff



    Hey P –

    Was working with an image specifically rather than just playing with type. I did change the margin successfully to what I wanted – a bit of experimentation until I got it where I wanted it.

    Actually whenever I use a quote, I’d like it to become a standard layout. Is there some way I can do that?

    Did correct the username – thanks for the update!

    And thank you for your quick response!


    You’re welcome. You can’t make it standard unless you buy the Custom Design upgrade (or unless you switch to a different theme, as I noted above).

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